Killer Pokies Privacy Policy

We understand your desire to have the safest and most secure gambling experience, which is why we offer you a privacy policy so you can feel secure when you visit our site. Killer Pokies is dedicated to offering you the best personal protection and we assure you that no personal or financial information will ever be shared with another party without your consent. By protecting your information, we strive to present you with a safe place to learn all about eh great pokies that are available in online casinos as well as mobile gambling sites.

In some cases, Killer Pokies may ask for personal information. This is often the case when you are signing up for newsletters or taking part in a promotion. When this information is gathered, it is stored securely on our site and is not used for any other reason. We will only send emails to those that request information and will never share email addresses with any other company.

When you visit the site, cookies will be in use. These are only used to enhance your experience and are not used to collect any personal information. Killer Pokies is made up of an experienced and professional group of Aussie gamblers, so we know how important your privacy concerns are. This is why we take all steps possible to safeguard all of your information.

We hope you will benefit from the information and reviews that are provided and that you are comfortable providing us with your email so that you always have access to the latest and greatest news regarding pokie games in the industry. Again, we store all information safely so your information is never exposed to others.

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